Why do we avoid dealing with financial problems?

Solving debt issues takes more than a financial plan. Too often people multiply their debt problems and the total amount owed by the way they deal with it. The psychology of finances, sometimes called behavioral finance, is a huge factor in how we manage money and resolve money related problems. When the pressure of financial […]

How to put money in your pocket even with credit card debt

One of the biggest financial leaks is how you manage your credit card debt. Like many people, we can’t afford to pay it all off at one time, but there are ways to save.  The interest you pay is most likely north of 14%. You can’t make that return on any savings, CD or stock. Every time […]

Whatever it is, you can make it happen!

Getting out of debt, growing savings and building financial strength is something that everyone hopes to achieve, but so few ever do. Why is that? Everyone has a unique situation, but one thing that is universally the same is commitment. Here are some points to ponder: Reflect on the past. Why have you decided to […]

Goals are Smart – Be Smart with Your Money 

Goal setting is simply creating a specific vision of where you would like to go. Your goals can include short and long-term items and relate to all aspects of your life. Did you know that only about 2% of the people in our country have written goals (and an associated plan) for any part of […]

Is Debt Draining You?

Debt can have a long-term, negative effect on your life. It is stressful and will impact your job, health and relationships. It can also prevent the realization of important dreams and goals. When making the commitment to achieve financial strength and become free from debt, it is important to carefully examine all your options to […]

Planning for the Unplanned

Establishing your unplanned events fund is one of the most critical components towards achieving financial strength. Rather than focusing on the amount you put away, you will want to focus more on getting in the habit first. Don’t get hung up on how much. People frequently don’t save because they think it’s too little to […]

Now you can have our Roadmap to Make Small Changes that Can Result in More $$$!

It’s important to understand that making small changes can have a huge impact over time. Each step builds upon others and grows more financial strength. Each on-time bill payment and every few dollars you save will progressively improve your financial situation. Just like a road trip, your financial goals need a map. The first step is getting […]

Give Your Money Daily Attention to Have More of it

Think about how your mindset affects your spending choices. Do you find that you feel better when shopping? Do you later realize that you didn’t need to make that purchase? Do you have post-purchase regrets? These feelings will provide clues to problem spending, which everyone has probably experienced to one degree or another. Credit and […]