Every month or so we learn of a new breach of security by an organization who holds our personal information. Our personal and financial information is increasingly under attack. For this reason, you have to take more responsibility for your information and protecting it. This email will cover the primary risk areas and what you should do. It’s a quick read so here goes.

Credit Card and Bank Statements

You must begin to watch your statements from cards and banks more closely. Ideally you’ll setup text alerts to notify you of charges and withdrawals. Major banks offer this and you can configure the rules such as anything over a set amount sends a text. Also get a notification if you balance drops below a set amount.

Tax Returns

Thieves will attempt to use your social security number to file a false return and collect the refund by using another address. One of the simplest actions you can take is to file early.

Medical Records

Another trick thieves use is to file fraudulent health claims or to try and gain coverage in their name from your policy. Watch out by setting up claim notifications and status. Many companies are now notifying you online of the status of your claim. In other words, pay attention.

In our busy day to day routines, we stop checking bank and credit card accounts and even balancing the checkbook. That’s a poor practice if you’re seeking to resolve financial issues and build strength. But it’s also dangerous because bad things could be happening right under your nose.

Be vigilant!

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